Sold! The incomplete 1982 Decca Tapes needledrop

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  1. Kelhard says:

    The buyer got royally duped and I think Fame Bureau & Ted Owen lost what little credibility he had.

    When confronted by NPR radio regarding the provenience of the tape, he couldn't give a clear answer.

    I have my own safety master of the Beatles Decca session. Its on 7 1/2 IPS tape, sourced from my Dr. Ebbetts CD bootleg and recorded with my Sony reel-to-reel. I could put it for sale and make a shitwad of money, hahhahahaha!!!

  2. gringo557 says:

    I just something called "Never Mind The Tremeloes . . . Here's The Beatles," and I don't think I'll ever hear a cleaner, longer version of the entire session. Look for it!

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