McCartney III “secret” bonus tracks revealed

The back of the Japanese SHM-CD edition of McCartney III

Information about the bonus tracks of the Japanese CD of McCartney III has been shared on social media, as well as a photo of the back cover and the disc. It’s very likely that these are the same “secret” demo tracks that will be spread out over four individual colour matched CDs here:

  • Women And Wives (Studio Outtake)
  • Lavatory Lil (Studio Outtake)
  • The Kiss Of Venus (Phone Demo)
  • Slidin’ (Düsseldorf Jam) with McCartney tour band members Rusty Anderson and Abe Laboriel jr also participating.

Japanese CD

The four colour matched collections, now also including Christmas ornaments

In other McCartney news, his 2018 Cavern Club concert now has a scheduled TV premiere on Christmas Day on BBC 1. Hopefully, it fares better than the Magical Mystery Tour premiere on Christmas Day 1967!

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