Wings at half speed

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  1. RNYC says:

    Didn’t Paul just release an extremely limited and outrageously priced box set of this less than stellar album? He’s raping his most ardent fans with these reissues. At 80, does he need the cash so badly? The shakedown continues.

  2. William+Campbell says:

    “… using a high resolution transfer”

    Vinyl taken from digital sources is a total joke. If you think it has the ‘warmer’ sound of vinyl it’s because you can hear a fireplace in the background.

    Just buy the high resolution digital files. Sites like 7digital have a 96 kHz release of Wild Life with many more tracks than the vinyl, and at a lower price.

  3. Michael says:

    Ordered. Just hoping they’ve fixed the double beat on the end of “Love Is Strange” that was on the 2018.

    Also I don’t see it as McCartney “needing cash” so much as creating an extremely niche product for the fans who are interested in it. If he needed cash badly, doing a limited release product with a very specific appeal like a half speed mastered album is a very unwise way of going about getting it.

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