Get Back to IMAX

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  1. Brian Hunt says:

    The link appears to be in respect of US screenings only. Any news about IMAX cinemas in the UK?

    • admin says:

      USA is the biggest audience, expect national screenings announced locally, we wager.

      • Rick says:

        Why such a high cost to see it? I haven’t been to a movie theater for awhile but don’t think most of them are close to $25

      • Will says:

        I’m sure you’re right that non-US showings will materialise, but it’d be nice for them to at least mention they are coming soon. Maybe the film won’t look great on IMAX, but my local IMAX has a much better sound system than I do…

        • admin says:

          Like it says at the end of the updated story, “A global theatrical engagement of the 60-minute feature, The Beatles: Get Back–The Rooftop Concert, will then run February 11-13”. However, we are hearing rumours that Imax theatres in the U.K. will also be screening the film on Jan 30th.

      • Rick says:

        Have you heard any reasoning for the high ticket prices? It can’t be just because it’s being shown in a IMAX theater.

  2. Brian Hunt says:

    Thanks for this – I’ll keep my eyes peeled for a UK showing!

  3. Glenn Milam says:

    Jeez – price in Dallas jumped $9 per person in the 10 minutes it took to see if my friends wanted to go!

  4. David Fisher says:

    I’m not convinced a 16mm film will look that good on IMAX, despite upscaling. Could be wrong. If we get it in London I will pass mainly because of the arcane complications of getting a Covid Pass and wearing a stifling mask throughout. Pity because I would probably have gone.

  5. Brian Hunt says:

    Wow – £40 per ticket at the London IMAX. Sadly, I think I’ll pass…that’s a very expensive 60 minutes!

  6. PaulD says:

    Totally agree with you, Brian. I would have been prepared to travel all the way from Dorset to see this in London… but forty quid? This is taking the mickey

  7. Blakey says:

    Forty nicker?! That really is taking the Hilary Briss. Why not put this footage – whatever it is – on the upcoming Get Back DVD? If they are charging 40 pounds to see alternate footage of the rooftop, then that’s real scalping.They really are picking fans clean with this one. Allen Klein would be proud.

  8. Glenn Milam says:

    Does anyone know if this is lifted directly from Get Back, or is it strictly the rooftop concert without the street interviews and lobby scenes? I read that the picture and audio had been remastered for Imax, but no word on a different edit.

    • Bob says:

      I will not pay a penny to see it if the interviews and police scenes continue to interrupt the performance. Not interested until this is revealed. After 7 hours of mostly terrible editing we should be entitled to the uninterrupted concert performance.

  9. Brian Hunt says:

    Interesting to see that the rooftop performance will now be repeated for a few days at the London IMAX – but at the much more reasonable price of £10 per ticket, rather than the extortionate £40 of the original showing! I can cope without the lanyard and the poster to save £30 per ticket…

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