Hamburg papers

A bunch of papers from The Beatles’ early days in Hamburg is one of the highlights in the upcoming auction, “Entertainment Memorabilia including property from the Harvey Goldsmith Collection”. The auction is held on 5 May 2021, starting at 11:00 British Summer Time.  The lot includes John’s handwritten explanation about staying on as a tourist a couple of days after his 1960 work permit was revoked. Paul, Pete and George had already left Germany by then. Some of the papers relate to their 1962 appearances at the Star-Club.


THE BEATLES/JOHN LENNON: AN IMPORTANT GROUP OF EARLY DOCUMENTS INCLUDING JOHN LENNON’S PERMITS RELATING TO THE BEATLES’ HISTORIC TRIPS TO HAMBURG, 1960-1962 is estimated to bring in £ 120,000 – 140,000 at the auction. The lot comprises nine double-sided forms and two single sided, eight sheets signed by John Lennon, including an application for a temporary residency permit, the first page dated 16.8.1960 and listing all five members of the Beatles with their Liverpool addresses. Another page completed in blue ink with John’s personal details, date and place of birth, occupation and passport issue, 15.8.60. A four-page Announcement of Residence of a Foreigner form, completed by John in blue ballpoint, giving his father’s address as Unbekannt (Unknown) and his mother as Dead, employer as Bruno Koschmider and probable duration of stay as two months. The last page is dated 25.8.60 and has a black and white passport-style photograph of John stapled to it. Also, a form completed by John in black ink and dated 1st Dec 1960, the reverse of which has an overpasted piece of paper with a signed note by John: “I have been informed than I can no longer work here. I am staying here for a few days as a tourist and will leave before or on the 10 December 1960. Hamburg 6 December 1960, J.W. Lennon. A permit for the Beatles’ trip in April-May 1962, variously dated 27.4.62 and 3 Mai 1962; a permit application date-stamped 24 SEP 1962, with typewritten details, including ‘Purpose of Sojourn in the Federal Republic’ as “To play with a group of Musicians at the Star-Club, Hamburg”, relating to the Beatles’ two trips in November and December 1962. A Police Residency Permit, dated 24. September 1962; and an application completed in blue and red ballpoints by John for the periods 1st Nov-15th Nov 18 Dec-2nd Jan, dated by John 14th Nov ’62. Each sheet 8 1/4in x 11 1/2in (21cm x 29cm aka A4)

Other highlights are letters to Astrid Kirchherr from John, Paul and George, autographed items include a signed copy of their debut album on EMI Parlophone, “Please Please Me”, several drawings and poems by John, not to mention prints of polaroids taken by Keith Moon’s assistant Peter ‘Dougal’ Butler on John Lennon’s so-called “Lost weekend”, including one he took of John and Paul together (not reproduced in lot description). Take a look at the auction lots here.

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    Read and see the lot in ny book

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    Incidentally, not British Standard Time but British Summer Time. It’s a big world.

  3. Duke_Viking says:

    Thank you Thorsten for historical book (second to none). Can’t wait to have it in my hands in the next fews days.

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    I love the treble clef of the J in John’s figure.

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