I’m Only Sleeping – new music video

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  1. Rick says:

    What in the world is with the fighter jets? And to me the music sounded just like the music we’ve heard for all of these years. I for one won’t be buying the new edition for what I’ve heard most of the songs sound just like the orginial ones.Except for Yellow Sub. were am glad it was on the album. Too depressing.

  2. Mr Marks says:

    The video is a waste of time and money, don’t care how many hours it took to make. It is unoriginal and uninspired, unlike the music it purports to illustrate. Universal, why don’t you spend your budget giving us more outtakes per CD? We don’t need these idiotic videos.

    • Shad Radna says:

      That’s right, Universal: stop funding artists producing beautiful art for art’s sake. It’s completely at odds with what The Beatles were all about.

      • Mr Marks says:

        Oh dear, oh dear, you’re twisting my words to make them fit your agenda, love.
        I’m not going to get into wether that video is “beautiful” or not, each to their own. But do you really consider it worthy of accompanying such a song? I do not think so, like the recent My sweat Lord video, was that also “beautiful”? I would personally disagree. I am sure there would have been a million other options but, of course there is far more to it than artistical considerations, as it is now in the hands of a multinational conglomerate obsessed with finding new audiences and multiplying their dividends. Their creative decisions, I’m afraid, are made in a boardroom.
        As for supporting the arts, why don’t the pour all their zillions in youth programs in the most deprived areas, that’s what the Beatles were all about, if you ask me.

  3. FraFo says:

    The video is beautiful and meaningful. If you know, you know. Have to say, with the exception of Taxman, most other mixes have something that doesn’t quite do it. TNK tape loops just don’t pop sufficiently. Glad of the outtakes though. They are broadly excellent. IWTTY outtake pointless however. An instrumental mix would have been better than this.

  4. Kevin says:

    Nah, this doesn’t do it for me. The art and animation are nice enough — it just doesn’t hang together or really suit the music, I’m hard to impress I guess. It’s better than the dumb “video” made for I Want To tell You, tho’.

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