John Lennon and May Pang film to get theatrical release

A love story that took 50 years to tell, “The Lost Weekend: A Love Story” explores the 18-month romantic relationship between John Lennon and his Chinese-American assistant May Pang.

The documentary has only had limited screenings so far, but a one day only screening on 500+ movie theatres in USA as well as more than 100 cinemas globally, will take place in mid-April, Erik Taros has revealed. Taros, who was also involved in the making of Ron Howard’s film, «Eight days a week» is listed as special content advisor for this new film.

Erik Taros: «A few years back, John Lennon appeared to me in a dream. That was not unusual for me, as John has shown up multiple times in my dreams, although when he does he almost exclusively presents as a leather clad 18 year old. This was different. For the first and only time, John presented himself to me as a mid-thirties, Scally cap wearing man. The ghost spoke sparingly.»

«“I need you to do this…only you CAN do this.” And suddenly the apparition was gone. I had zero idea what Lennon was talking about. I chalked it up to eating a pepperoni pizza too late in the previous evening. A couple of weeks later, I got a phone call from my film producer friend Stuart Samuels asking if I could help out on a new documentary about John Lennon’s “Lost Weekend”. This was an 18 month period when John separated from Yoko and ended up living with his office assistant May Pang.»

«Lennon, a huge fan of American film stars from the 40’s, whimsically dubbed this period after the name of a Ray Milland picture about an alcoholic writer. For the first few months of John’s “Weekend”, this was fairly appropriate, as John discovered a drink known as the Brandy Alexander and it facilitated some unfortunate public adventures. That being said, this 18 month period was far from being lost, and at a certain point Lennon sobered up to complete some of his best work.»

«The Lost Weekend film is a fantastic untold story of one of John Lennon’s last creative outbursts. What an amazing treat for me to work on this project for about two years, not the least was the opportunity to become friends with the lovely May Pang. Once I saw May in Cream magazine as a 14 year old, I was smitten! I remember the two of us giggling about that as the production began.»

«I felt the spirit of my hero, John Lennon, actually asked me to do this film…let me know if I completed the mission.»

We are hoping that the documentary will go on to streaming content providers, following the one-day-only theatrical event.

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  1. MG says:

    LOL. One day after the John & Yoko documentary is announced, this one is announced! HA! Oh man, these two ladies can’t stop cashing in and dining out on being JL’s shack-ups. How many documentaries has Yoko sanctioned? Two just based on the Imagine session alone! How many books has May rehashed this affair? Has it been three, or four? Or more!!! And the sad fact is Beatle suckers will fall for it all over again. Including (potentially) me! Gaaaaaa!

  2. rick says:

    Hopefully we’ll find out where it will be shown.

  3. Rose Prulx says:

    Wasn’t one book enough? How many more does she plan to write? Was that he only claim to fame?

  4. HeBu says:

    It seems to happen on April 13th.

    There is also a list of theatres on the website.

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