Ringo reschedules tour

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  1. Charles from Canada says:

    Why sadly 12″? If it’s because it’s an EP, 12″ is a better quality format than 7″ vinyl, as we know from all of those 12″ vinyl “singles” in the 1980s.

    • admin says:

      Well, the 7-inch EP usually plays at 45 rpm, which gives better reproduction of the music than 33 1/3. But most of all, we like 7-inch EPs!

  2. Charles from Canada says:

    OK. But just to nitpick, not all of the 12″ singles run at 33 1/3. Some are 45 rpm. Some don’t even say so you can’t tell until you play it. Also, you guys in Europe are spoiled by 7″ singles that have always sounded phenomenal compared to the junk vinyl they used in North America (and other places).

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