Ringo’s big birthday bash

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  1. Tony Littman says:

    I found it odd and disappointing that Paul didn’t appear at all, apart from an old concert clip.

    • admin says:

      Well, people seem to be disappointed because of their expectations, and also because they would want to see more of Paul. My own expectation was that perhaps they will show the clip of Paul singing “Birthday” at Radio City Hall at Ringo’s 70th. So I was pleasantly surprised when they showed “Helter Skelter” from last years Dodger Stadium concert. Amateur clips have appeared on YouTube before, but man this was a professionally filmed concert clip with great audio! Never broadcast, never published before! And Paul had sent this for Ringo to use. That was far better than the contributions of anyone else on the show as far as I was concerned (maybe except for Shery Crow’s one woman band plus trumpet). People wanted a specially recorded video message from Paul to Ringo – but what we got was far better. And Paul did send greetings on Twitter and Facebook. I’m sure he called, too.

  2. Bob Mastin says:

    I found the show to be just what you’d expect from Ringo. It was fun, entertaining and he’s was surrounded by friends and family. Sheryl Crow was great as a one woman band doing AYNIL. If i had to register a complaint, we could’ve done with one less version of Come Together. As for Paul, watching Helter Skelter, man, it doesn’t get any better than that.

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