The “Complete” Rooftop Concert: What’s Missing and What’s New?

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  1. Philalban7 says:

    Just before Don’t Let me Down take 2, I hear it as ‘Rock and roll!’ being shouted not ‘Get off the roof!).

    • MC says:

      Yeah at first and during many years I’ve thought it was “Rock and Roll” but now with the 5.1 mix it’s more clear in a British accent “Off the Roof”, specially “OFF” and John’s immediate reply “You Too!”, which would make no sense to reply that for a “Rock and Roll” shout but I agree with you, it does sound like that at first. Here is for you the shout:

      • JPMacOriginal says:

        I believe in closed caption on mode on Disney+ it says “Rock & Roll” but doesn’t mean it’s

  2. Rick says:

    What’s the meaning behind the sign that someone is holding up?

  3. James Peet says:

    Yeah, I always thought it was Rock and Roll. Though John’s reply kind of works for both shouts .

  4. Ted Pastuszak Jr says:

    Possibly someone confirmed this already, but if not, is it fair to say that the streaming audio of the Rooftop Concert reflects the mixes/edits that were originally done in preparation for the proposed CD on the original Let It Be box? Thanks.

  5. Blakey says:

    On the excellent bootleg ‘The Warmth and the Freshness’ a bystander at street level can clearly be heard shouting ‘Rock ‘N’ Roll.’ Paul then replies with ‘You Too’ before the Beatles go into ‘Don’t Let Me Down’.

  6. Bob says:

    Please tell me – In the streaming Disney+ version, Jackson does not allow a full uninterrupted performance of any song from the rooftop. Has that changed with the “Rooftop Performance” release which was/is in IMAX or with any subsequent release?

  7. Richard Walsh says:

    A complete Version (Video or Audio) can
    hold it’s own without the street interviews,
    inserted clips, etc. The roof camera shots
    & related video are OK as long as the main
    focus is on the band & the music is allowed to play continuously. There’s a
    progressive tension that builds up by
    not messing with the performance. I have
    a Official DVD of the original “Let It Be”,
    (early 70’s ?) BUT no date on the sleeve
    or Disc. With all the same Info. & layout
    of the Original VHS & Laserdisc. But i
    enjoyed the Jackson Doc & appreciate
    everything that has been released to

    • JPMacOriginal says:

      You never had an official DVD of the movie “Let It Be” because they never did make one of Let It Be on DVD were bootlegged
      from either taking off of LaserDisc or VHS (the only two formats officially released)

      • Bobww1959 says:

        Plus, DVD’s weren’t even sold until 1996, so a DVD claiming to be from the early ’70’s is obviously fake.

  8. Rickenbacker620 says:

    Some of the tuning up during setup seems to be newly added and not from that day

  9. JPMacOriginal says:

    And by the way, John did not mess up the lyrics on “Don’t Let Me Down” while Kevin Harrington was holding the clipboard of lyrics. Kevin Harrington wasn’t holding them up at that time, I believe John requested for him to hold the lyrics for “Dig a Pony”….

  10. Josh says:

    Did I miss the explanation on why this article doesn’t give info for either full performance of Don’t Let Me Down (8 and 19)? Both were bootlegged, then Paul combined for Let it Be Naked, and then take 1 was released on the Let It Be box in the fall. Any major differences between the fall release and Audio22?

  11. Kusaywa says:

    I’ve always interpreted what John is saying during Don’t Let Me Down is “You Know She Really Got Me Bloody Good” in his best Scouse accent…

  12. Erich Krusz says:

    So, would it be too much to ask to post the timings for the various edit points so we could assemble our crown complete version if we had all the sources?

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