A Day In The Life music video

The Beatles* just uploaded the full 5:21 music video of “A Day In The Life” to YouTube! A sign of things to come?

Previously, The Beatles have just uploaded snippets of their music videos to YouTube, except they did actually upload the full “Real Love” video in December. The new upload is only available in a resolution of 480p, so it’s not as if it’s in a quality that compares with a DVD, but still – could it be a foretaste of an upcoming music video collection?

The upload of “A Day In The Life” celebrates the anniversary of the orchestra overdub session of the song, which happened on the 10th of February, 1967. The video has a 2013 copyright notification at the end.

*When we talk about the present day The Beatles, we are of course referring to the brand, not the rock group.

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  1. Mikko Suhonen says:

    Just a year ago all the Beatles promo films were available in the YouTube,uploaded unofficially but Apple didn't seem to care. But sometime last year they all disappeared, probably due to actions by Apple. I then thought that it was done for a reason, maybe because the music video collection was on its way. Maybe the release of this video is a sign that the video collection is still on its way, but maybe sooner than later. We can only hope.

  2. Mikko Suhonen says:

    Mind you, both the Real love and A day in a life -videos are in Mono, which I find awkward. I can understand it with the latter, since the mono version is often considered the "real" version of Sgt Pepper, but why Real love in mono only? Seems like someones been sloppy.

  3. wogew says:

    Well, the 2013 copyright and the things you mention does make it look like a music video collection really was on the cards for a 2014 release, I wonder what stopped it? As for the mono soundtracks, some of the promotional films really did have unique mono mixes, which should be available as an optional audio selection on an official release, alongside remastered stereo or even surround audio, but it's not really likely to happen. Mono for Real Love? Surreal.

  4. ALK says:

    Couldn't this just be the orignal video used for the Anthology DVD without the edits? It's DVD quality at 480p and in a 4:3 aspect ratio. The mono could just be a stereo fold down from the DVD. No music video collection needed – just an anniversary release.

  5. BWSmythe says:

    / 4:3 was pretty normal in the 60s, no? 😉

  6. Unknown says:

    It doesn't look that great, and it has interlacing. Someone didn't take the time to make the video look nice. 🙁

  7. Mark says:

    If these videos get blown up to 16:9, they'll be missing a significant part of the image as they were all shot 4:3. Still don''t understand why some people don't get this!

    Imagine a square having to fill a rectangle- you can either squash the original image to fit the new shape, or zoom in until you lose the top and bottom. Videos that do this may be marketed as "widescreen", but you're actually getting less of the original image!

    I doubt the Beatles will do this- but was "The McCartney Years" DVD formatted this way?

  8. wogew says:

    The McCartney Years was pan-and-scanned to 16:9

  9. Anonymous says:

    Interestingly, this video has gone 'private'.

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