A Hard Day’s Night – German editions

A Hard Day’s Night Special Edition in Germany

Amazon Germany has announced a 3 or 4 disc version (the cover says 4, the site says 3) Special Edition of A Hard Day’s Night on Blu-ray for the German speaking markets. The audio features both English and a German dub of the dialogue. Subtitles are also available in those languages. No word yet on the bonus material. If I were to speculate, I’d say 4 discs: 1 Blu-ray with everything, 1 DVD with “A Hard Day’s Night”, 1 DVD with “You Can’t Do That – The Making of A Hard Day’s Night” and 1 DVD with the rest of the bonus material (either the British or the USA bonus material, but since it’s a 4-disc package, I’d say the USA material). Release date is July 10. The release is handled by Koch Media GmbH.

Link: Amazon Germany

Regular German Blu-ray Edition

There’s also going to be a regular 1-disc edition on Blu-ray, released on the same day.

Link: Amazon Germany

DVD edition

Of course, there’s also a German regular DVD edition, to be released simultaneously.

Link: Amazon Germany

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