Angel in Disguise – auction result

Angel in disguise –  a McCartney-Starkey original.

The cassette tape of the Ringo/Paul collaboration “Angel in Disguise” only fetched a mere £8,000 at the Omega Auction yesterday. Estimated value was £10,000 – £20,000 by the auctioneers. However, it seems the sentiments expressed by our esteemed readers has rung true also among the bidders. We are hoping that the winning bid came from bootleggers, so that we can expect to hear Paul’s full demo as well as Ringo’s finished production of the song some time in the future. Because whenever official Beatles representatives or their companies are the winners, the tapes are locked up forever, deemed not commercial enough and fans will never get to hear the songs. Meanwhile, here’s an interpretation of the song made by studying the sheet music.

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  1. Unknown says:

    Perhaps if Omega marketed it correctly it would have sold for more. The first e-mail I read for the auction said "Paul McCartney and Rongo Star"; the 2nd correct it to "Ringo", but still left the last "r" off of his name. Are they really that unfamiliar with their product?

  2. bob katz says:

    No wonder Ringo rejected it.

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