Another “Let It Be” book

Upcoming book on Let It Be

Of course, Bruce Spizer isn’t going to let the opportunity slip by, he has announced an upcoming book on “Let It Be”.

This time, he has only compiled the book, which has been written by not only himself but also contains contributions from Bill King, Al Sussman, Frank Daniels, Piers hemmingsen and others. In fact, one of the others could be YOU!

To tell the story from the fans’ point of view, Bruce is looking for memories from fans throughout the world to include in his new book.

These memories can be from fans who bought the album and/or saw the film when it came out, as well as younger fans who experienced the album and/or film for the first time years or decades after their release. 200 word maximum

If you have pictures from 1970 of yourself with the album or going to the film, please send them.

Deadline for submission: April 30, 2020

Check out THIS PAGE for how to enter.

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  1. James Peet says:

    Are the Beatles now American? What about UK specialists contributing? Maybe this was implied.

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