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In 2010, photographers Don McCullin (“A Day In The Life Of The Beatles“) and Stephen Goldblatt (“Mad Day Out“) released a book each from the so called “Mad Day Out” Beatles photo sessions. A third photographer, Tom Murray tagged along, and is now ready with a book of his own 23 colour photos from that day, titled “Tom Murray’s Mad Day Out”.

On the 28th of July, 1968, photographer Tom Murray was asked by Don McCullin to give him a lift to an early morning photoshoot in London. He said, ‘bring your camera you may get some nice snaps!’ Armed with just two rolls of colour film, he had no idea who he was going to be working with that day.

As 25 year old Tom walked towards the door at the rehearsal rooms he could hear “Lady Madonna” playing out on the piano and as he entered the studio there they were; Paul at the piano, John with Yoko, George and Ringo, all waiting to hit the road for a frantic day of publicity shots. Rushing around London with a few other photographers on a summer’s Sunday morning, Tom, the youngest present, created some of the most iconic colour photographs ever taken of the band.

“It was a perfect assignment and a day to remember. Getting to hang out with my favourite band, to take pictures of the Fab Four was just sensational. Were they really mad? Well, you know what pop stars are like. They’re always running around doing crazy things. That’s what makes them so interesting.” – Tom Murray.

The day after the shoot, as The Beatles busied themselves with recording an anthem called “Hey Jude”, Tom’s two rolls of film were processed and printed. He selected 23 images that he considered told the story. Incredibly, they were then stored away for almost thirty years.

In 1998 Tom Murray held an exhibition of the 23 surviving photographs of The Beatles. The photographs were viewed in public for the first time ever, since they were taken.

A brochure of Murray’s limited edition prints from 1998.

Now, after many decades, Tom agreed to present what many consider to be the very best colour photographs of The Beatles in a unique, special edition book.

This is the first ever book chronicling the photographs and the stories behind each one on ‘that mad day’. The book is another one from Archivum Publishing, who is also behind the photo books “Eight Arms To Hold You: 50 Years of Help! and the Beatles” from last year and “All You Need Is Love” this spring.

Read more about the upcoming Mad Day Out book on their website.

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