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New online Danish Beatles discography

After years of collecting data, not to mention records, the Danes have launched a website with a full discography of the Beatles releases in Denmark. Here you’ll find information and illustrations og singles, EPs, LPs and a few CDs, released in Denmark from 1963 onwards. Included are not only records by The Beatles, but also solo-, Apple- and other related records. Also some non-EMI records are listed.

The discography is based on info collected by the long time  Danish Beatles expert Arno Guzek. It isn’t complete, as they know about more variations, but as they don’t have scans, they are not included. Collectors are encouraged to participate in sharing scans of variations not included. So far, nearly 70 new or improved scans have been added to the discography since the site was launched.

In Denmark, UK based singles were all released with the UK catalogue numbers, except “Hey Jude”, which was released with catalogue number DP570 from the UK export series. Scandinavian based singles were released on the Odeon label, with prefix ‘DK’ for Danish based releases,’SD’ for Swedish, and ‘ND’ for Norwegian. Most sleeves for singles were manufactured by Rotex, a small printing facility in Valby, Copenhagen. Other sleeves were imports from Sweden and Germany. The first Beatles-single “Love Me Do” was never released in Denmark. The record company received a demo in the autumn of 1962, but decided against the release. “Please Please Me” became the first Beatles single release in Denmark in early 1963.

The UK EPs were released in Denmark with UK catalogue numbers and Danish produced records. Besides the UK catalogue, EPs were taken from the Swedish GEOS-series, and two came from Germany. Nearly all covers were imports. As with the singles, the Scandinavian based EPs were released on the Odeon label. EMI-Denmark made a few mistakes with these, as some GEOS-EPs came on the Parlophone label.

All original UK Beatles LPs, up until “1962-1966” (Red album) and “1967-1970” (Blue album), were released in Denmark, using imported covers, and locally produced records. In the 70s, covers were also imported from Germany and Holland. “Hey Jude” was released with 3 different catalogue numbers, among them SW385 from the US. Only a few covers were locally produced, “Hottest Hits” from 1965, Club-editions from the 70s, and a few covers for solo-releases.

Link: FabFour.dk

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