Eight arms to hold you – upcoming book

Front cover of new book about the filming of Help! for the upcoming anniversary.

Eight Arms To Hold You – The Forgotten Archives is an upcoming LP size book about the filming of “Help!”, being crowdfunded via Pledge Music.

The photo agency Rex Features has access to Help! director Richard Lester’s private collection, and the book will also contain various sets of images taken by people on the film set. All in all the book will have 250+ photographic pages, featuring fully restored colour and black and white photographs.

The project and the book is being curated by Simon Wells, who previously wrote the “Beatles 365 Days” book, and the Rolling Stones “Great Drugs Bust”, among others.

The crowdfunding venture has 100 days to go. Those who order the 965 first edition copies will go into a draw to win a Höfner bass guitar too.

A set of seven restored and remastered art prints (10×16 inches) will be available in a very limited number.

All photographs are courtesy of Rex Features.

Details and film at PledgeMusic.

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