German Let It Be VHS

Beatles Let It Be – German video cassette

While looking through the excellent Beatles Collecting forum, I came across a rare picture of the German 1992 release of Let It Be on VHS. As we know, the German version is the one that presents the picture in the least cropped manner. We also know that the UK company, “VCI”, announced plans to issue the movie for the first time in England. They claimed to have a version that was remastered in 1992 and that they would release it in 1997. Could the German VHS on Warner Home Video be from that 1992 restoration?

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3 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    NO!! is a bootleg

  2. millertek says:

    incorrect – this is very legit. Bootlegs of this show THE BEATLES and not DIE and totally different inner labels. I own one I bought when it came out.

  3. millertek says:

    NOT A BOOTLEG – I have one I bought in the early 90s….it's amazing….zoomed out and the colors are not as intense. You can tell the version is you compare to a US playback. Also the German version has subtitles during 2 talking sequences and an Elvis movie trailer before the movie….

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