HRC in Dublin

I was in Dublin for the weekend, and took the time to visit the local Hard Rock Café to see what Beatles items they had on display. Actually, the HRC in Dublin had devoted a rather big section of their downstairs restaurant to the Beatles. They had lots of Beatles and solo gold record awards, some nice photos and even some Pete Best items! Pete’s autograph and a pair of drum sticks were on display. But of course, personal belongings to the Beatles boys themselves were the most interesting finds. Here’s a pair of Ringo’s drum sticks, authenticated (sort of) by the man himself:

The letter accompanying the drumsticks reads:

“Tittenhurst Park”

London Road,



Mrs. J. Hiley’s Grandson,

6 Charles McPhersons Gardens,


Swindon SN3 3SE

24th March 1987

Dear Mrs. Hiley’s Grandson:

Yes, if your Grandad says I gave the drumsticks to him, then even if it was a very long time ago, I did, as I’m sure your Grandad wouldn’t lie.

Yours sincerely,

Ringo Starr

The typewritten letter has Ringo’s real autograph.

Another gem in the collection is a pair of Beatle boots, worn by Paul McCartney back when he was in the Beatles:

Later that night, as we attended McCartney’s concert at the RDS stadium in the town, we took this snapshot of the Beatle’s boots that day. It seems he still fancies those old cuban heels on stage.

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  1. yeswellyes says:

    Your are really a Beatles fun. i'm Chinese and I wonder why many people in my country like beatles even if they don't know English.

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