The Love We Make

On the morning of September 11, 2001, Paul McCartney was in New York City on an air­port runway waiting to fly to Britain. As he absorbed the news of the unfolding tragedy, he wondered, “What can I do?” The answer, of course, lay in music. As the tenth anniversary of 9/11 approaches, the documentary “The Love We Make”, which chronicles Paul McCartney’s journey through the streets of New York in the aftermath of the World Trade Center’s destruction will be previewed at select theaters across the USA on September 8th.
According to Beatles-Freak’s Review, the film is in “black & white, the camera follows Paul in New York City in his travels from October 11, 2001 to October 23, 2001 and his day-to-day dealings to organize and prepare for The Concert for New York, a benefit concert that was held on October 20, 2001. If you were expecting a 90 minute film on Paul’s reaction to 9/11, then you will be truly disappointed. If you’re a McCartney fan that wants to see what it’s like to be Sir Paul, then this film is for you.”

“During TV and radio interviews leading up to the concert, Paul touches on issues dealing with how he’s dealt with grief in his life, how he deals with the conflict of being a pacifist after the devastation of 9/11 and how he came to the realization that he needed to do something while sitting in a plane on the tarmac watching the twin towers burn.” 

“Mixed in with the interviews are Paul and his band rehearsing for The Concert for New York with many guest cameos as Paul discusses debuting his new song, “Freedom” for the first time at the show.”
Beatles-Freak goes on to award the film four beetles (out of er… four).

The film was made by Albert Maysles, whose Beatles connections started with the 1964 Beatles film “What’s Happening! The Beatles in the U.S.A.“. And just as back then, the new film has also been shot in 16mm black and white.

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