Madrid – from Efe Eme

Vinyl, cd and vinyl+cd editions

The Spanish magazine Efe Eme, which first reported about an unreleased professionally made concert recording of The Beatles’ one and only Madrid concert, is now making three different editions available from their website.

An LP purchased by one of our readers in Barcelona earlier today proved to be an “outfake” – it was in effect a dressed up Paris concert from the same tour. But Paris has been bootlegged ages ago, whereas Madrid has yet to be heard. Perhaps Emi Efe is offering the real deal, or perhaps it’s all a hoax?

The picture above was posted on Efi Eme’s Facebook page and among the covers shown is a blue-coloured edition, not depicted elsewhere.

Limited edition of 300 numbered copies.

Turns out, this is a special limited to 300 numbered edition for Efe Eme readers only, priced at 79,95 €. It features a bigger book, 48 pages in LP format, whereas the regular edition has 24 pages in 22 cm x 22 cm. With the limited edition release, other goodies are included as well, like postcards and a facsimile copy of the Fonorama magazine no 14, which featured the Beatles concert as well as an interview with the band and their manager, Brian Epstein. Furthermore, the record is pressed on blue transparent vinyl and will be shipped on July 15.

The tape shown in Efe Eme

The tape depicted above was featured in the original article in Efe Eme about the Madrid concert, and could still be what we all are looking forward to hear.

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4 Responses

  1. Disker says:

    has someone in Europe (Spain Mainly) bought the LP from Efe Eme Site already? just to make a fair comparison, but i believe it would end up being the same fake concert…

  2. maikel ariel says:

    i don't see a point making a fake version (with all the work that it took pasting those recent paul speeches) and a real one version. who would buy a fake version because it's cheaper?

  3. Pancho says:

    Jose Luis Alvarez told in a phone interview that everyone who believes it's a fake is an asshole HAHAHA

  4. zero says:

    Jose Luis Alvarez is a thief & a lier, he has been trying to make people believe (for years) that he recorded the madrid concert (big lie). This record is a big fat piece of shit, just like him. Do not buy, it´s a big fraud.

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