Mal Evans story on stage

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If you’re in Ireland, or planning a trip there soon, you should catch this play. Mal Evans, the Beatles truest, bestest friend, lived with Paul McCartney as his housekeeper for around 4 months from Nov 1966 to March/April 67, around the time Sgt Pepper was being recorded and there is very good evidence to suggest Mal helped Paul considerably with the lyrics to the title song as well as ‘Fixing a Hole’. Mal did all the cooking, housework and gardening, as well cleaning up after Martha, Paul’s big, jolly old English sheepdog!

BEATLE MAL is touring IRELAND October-November 2013 after touring the UK, It’s a lovely nostalgia trip about the man who on the best ride of the 1960’s, very definitely had the front seat!

See for full tour itinerary.

Watch out for special shows in Dublin on the 7th November & Belfast on 8th November to mark that it is 50 years ago to the very day that the Fab 4 played those cities in 1963. Here’s a clip from the play:

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  1. johnnyreb says:

    Hi Roger. I was at this play tonight. I was always fascinated by the tale of Mal. Nik really brought him to life. I felt like it was really Mal regaling us with his stories. Highly recommended. Love your blog by the way Roger. Read it every day.

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