McCartney Live at the 100 Club London DVD

Coming soon to a DVD from Fab Productions…

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  1. Kwai Chang says:

    To the modest Wogew: Merry Christmas! Thank you for the many 'items' that were brought to my attention by you. Although accuracy is never implied or guaranteed on the internet, your work saved me much time. In fact, many of your items were not to be found elsewhere! That is why I am looking forward to an even more exciting 2011! Otherwise, I only wanted to express my gratitude and extend my warmest regards to the WogBlog family this holiday season. Good job!

  2. John McNally says:

    It's great to see McCartney still enjoying himself and full of enthusiasm for live performances.

    I agree with Kwai, thanks for taking the time to put this excellent Beatle site together.


  3. MI CAOS says:

    Happy New Year, My Friend Wogew!!! Where Can I Find this amazing DVD? Is it available yet? Best Regards! Gustavo

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