McCartney’s set list from Hard Rock Calling

For those of us who watched it online, it seemed that Paul McCartney played a considerably shorter set at the Hard Rock Calling gig in London’s Hyde Park than at previous stops on the Up and Coming tour. Of course, this being a festival gig, it was expected – but it was even quite a bit shorter than his set at the Isle of Wight festival on the 13th of June. But then we discovered that he really played a fuller set and that the youtube stream from the concert just presented the first hour, minus the opening songs Venus & Mars/Rockshow.

Paul McCartney Setlist Hard Rock Calling, London, England 2010

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The full concert has now been made available here. It will be there for one month from now.

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  1. Slightly Intrepid says:

    Thanks for the setlist. Was at the gig and I think this is the full running order: e.g. the Youtube video starts with Jet and omits Venus & Mars / Rock Show. McCartney played from 7.45pm to 10.30pm – pretty good staying power for a 68-year-old!

  2. ennolenno says:

    Hello Wogew,
    setlist is correct. I've been there. It was amazing to see him in front of his home crowd.
    Greetings from Germany

    P.S.: Germany 4 – England 1 (2)

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