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In this month’s Mojo, the free CD is also available as an LP (limited to 10 000 copies), and is called “Let It Be Revisited”. It’s The Beatles’ final album from 1970 re-interpreted exclusively for Mojo by artists like Beth Orton, Phosphorescent, Judy Collins, Wilko Johnson, Pete Molinari, The Amorphous Androgynous, The Besnard Lakes, John Grant, The Jim Jones Revue and more. One of our readers has heard it and claims that some of these versions sound “even worse than Yoko Ono”.

There are 23 pages devoted to The Beatles and Paul McCartney in the magazine.

Paul McCartney: “Follow that!” What to do after The Beatles? For Paul McCartney it meant boozing, battling, then rebuilding and rediscovery in the playful freedom of Wings and the arms of Linda. “I survived,” he tells Tom Doyle.

The Beatles: “1970 and all that.” Jon Savage puts Let It Be under the microscope and Mark Paytress returns to the corridors of Apple Corps in what’s described as “the full inside story”.

To order this issue of Mojo, including the vinyl LP and a special collectors’ cover, follow this link.

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