Mortimer album finally due

Coming up: Mortimer’s Apple album.

A trio from New York State, U.S.A., “Mortimer”, was visiting The Beatles’ Apple company in 1968, hoping to at least make a demo recording for the company. As they had no demo tape to play, the trio gave a short performance around the Apple offices, attracting attention from George Harrison, who said: “Sign them up!” So Mortimer got a contract with Apple Records, returning in 1969 to record a planned single and LP, produced by Peter Asher and with arrangements by Richard Hewson. Paul McCartney gave them one of his at that time unpublished songs for the single’s A-side, “On Our Way Home” (later to be retitled “Two of Us” when released by The Beatles in 1970).

The album was made, and photo sessions held for the album cover. However, trouble at Apple and amongst the Beatles themselves delayed the release of the finished single and album. Eventually, it was scrapped. But now, from the vaults, the Mortimer album may finally be heard. To be released on CD March 20th 2017 by RPM Records, this is the first ever release of the Mortimer album recorded for Apple Records in 1969. Produced from the original master tapes held in Apple’s archives, “On Our Way Home”, an album long thought lost finally comes to life. Here is a short trailer documentary with some of the background to the album, including an interview with band member Tony Van Benschoten:

Glorious harmonies around acoustic soft rock with further production by Peter Asher. A must for all 60s music fans, Apple and Beatle connection fans. Full release details on


  1. “On Our Way Home”
  2. “I Didn’t Know”
  3. “You Do Too”
  4. “Polly”
  5. “People Who Are Different”
  6. “You Don’t Say You Love Me”
  7. “Miles Apart”
  8. “Don’t Want To See You Anymore”
  9. “No Business Being Here”
  10. “In Memory Of Her”
  11. “Pick Up Your Heart”
  12. “Christine Tildsley”
  13. “Last Of The ‘H'”
  14. “Laugh Children Laugh”
  15. “Ingenue’s Theme”

Also available from Amazon (UK).

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2 Responses

  1. Edward R says:

    Delighted to hear this album is finally coming out. Shame it wont be on a big green apple label

  2. Unknown says:

    This was excellent.Anytime an artist
    or group gives up the ghost,it's very
    welcome indeed.Instead of remaining in
    obscurity of history as a band,it is
    refreshing to watch and listen as a
    former member relays to us what happened
    to them as artists in their own words.
    They may not have turned out famous,
    but to me they were as integral as any
    in the overall big picture of Rock history.

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