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There’s a new book series on Apple Corps Ltd. coming up. Vol. 1: 1966-1968 is due out in the spring of 2015. It will have approximately 500 pages in full colour. Each book of this series will be limited to 500 copies only and each volume will come with a special collectable surprise! You can read more about the series and find sample pages over at

Vol. 1 of a is for apple tells the story of how Apple came together. It starts in late Summer 1966 with Lennon and McCartney’s first solo projects, How I Won The War and The Family Way, running over to 1967 when the first multimedia corporation became reality with the foundation of Apple Publishing, Apple Retail and Apple Electronics and finally to 1968 when Apple Records topped the charts nearly everywhere. But even before the phenomenal success of Hey Jude and Those Were The Days Apple published some wonderful music on other labels such as Decca, RCA and Beacon. Many of the artists behind this wonderful records have never told their stories before.

The book is authored by German Axel Korinth and Dutch Ed Dieckmann. They would also like to get in touch with people who worked for Apple, composed or play in a group signed (or nearly signed) to Apple Records and Apple Publishing, or people who have interesting stories to tell or rare documents, photographs and other stuff to share. You can get in touch with the authors through the website.

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  1. DiBoLandsTVAndNewsCenter says:

    1966 until 1968 Apple exist first since 1968

  2. Unknown says:

    The foundation of Apple was prepared in late 1966 and the company itself was founded in 1967. So 1966 to 1968 is perfectly alright for Vol. 1 of this series.

    Axel Korinth

  3. Martin says:

    Didn't Crosby Stills and Nash nearly sign for Apple?

    Brian Epstein was involved in the formation of Apple in 1966, and the first mention of it was on the sleeve of Sgt Pepper :MC (Michael Cooper) Productions and The Apple…

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