New book about drugs and The Beatles

Joe Gooden’s book, “Riding So High”.

‘Who gave the drugs to the Beatles? I didn’t invent those things. I bought it from someone who got it from somebody. We never invented the stuff.’ – John Lennon

Riding So High charts the Beatles’ extraordinary odyssey from teenage drinking and pill-popping, to cannabis, LSD, the psychedelic Summer of Love and the darkness beyond.

Drugs were central to the Beatles’ story from the beginning. The acid, pills and powders helped form bonds, provided escape from the chaos of Beatlemania, and inspired colossal leaps in songwriting and recording. But they also led to break-ups, breakdowns, drug busts and prison.

The only full-length study of the Beatles and drugs, Riding So High tells of getting stoned, kaleidoscope eyes, excess, loss and redemption, with a far-out cast including speeding Beatniks, a rogue dentist, a script-happy aristocratic doctor, corrupt police officers and Hollywood Vampires.

‘The deeper you go, the higher you fly…’

Whether you’re a stoner, straight-edge or somewhere in between, you won’t want to miss this. Riding So High – The Beatles and Drugs. 113,413 words. 9 October 2017.

Joe also runs The Beatles’ Bible, possibly the greatest online Beatles resource.




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  1. Unknown says:

    Thank you Roger. This is much appreciated. I was meaning to get in touch about the book anyway, but you saved me the trouble!

  2. Oh Pete says:

    Not possibly. The Beatles Bible is *certainly* my one-stop site for all things Fab. An interesting angle on the band for this book, no?

  3. Benjamin Levi-Marks says:

    Hey Roger,

    I bought this book for my editor/proof reader to read before I do. She is very picky (my pages come back from her drenched in red ink.) That said, she gives the book an enthusiastic ‘five-star both thumbs up’ rating. She said that it is well written, and lists the many sources he drew upon as research. I cannot wait to read it.

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