New ‘Odds & Sods’ DVD from HIWAX

A new bootleg DVD is making the rounds on the internet. It’s another quality project from the HIWAX label, and apart from featuring technical improvements of previously known clips, there’s also a hitherto unpublished clip from the Blokker concert in the Netherlands.

HIWAX: Odds and Sods but Upgrades vol.2
NTSC 47min. Hiwax-DVD014

01.opening “Money” – 1964/10/20 Dundee
02.She Loves You – 1963/09/01 “Big Night Out” flicker and distortion removed
03.Money – 1963/10/16 “Thank Your Lucky Stars”
04.I Feel Fine – 1965/08/01 “Blackpool Night Out” no TCR, flicker removed
05.1965/07/02 Madrid
06.I Saw Her Standing There – 1964/06/06 Blokker
07.1964/06/06 Blokker unseen footage
08.1963/12/07 Liverpool
09.A Hard Day’s Night – 1965/06/20 Paris
10.Roll Over Beethoven – 1964/04/28 “Around The Beatles”
11.I’m A Loser – 1964/11/14 “Thank Your Lucky Stars”
12.1965/08/19 Houston
13.Yer Blues take 2
14.Please Mr. Postman – 1964/02/23 “Big Night Out”
15.Rock’n’roll Music – 1966/06/24 Munich, audio remaster
16.She’s A Woman – 1966/07/01 Tokyo, re-transfer
17.All My Loving – 1964/02/09 “Ed Sullivan Show”
18.Day Tripper – 1966/06/30+07/01 Tokyo

HIWAX is a non-profit label who distribute their DVD’s free on the internet for Beatles scholars and researchers.
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