Ringo in Norway

Ringo Starr in Norway, 1971.

Ringo visited Norway back in 1971, to shoot some snow-filled footage for a TV show together with Cilla Black. When he was here, he was asked to participate in an insert for the 1971 Norwegian Telethon, an annual TV-based fundraising event. Money from the 1971 event was to go to refugees. Ringo was supposed to say that year’s slogan: “Think… and give!” This was when Ringo was still drinking quite a lot, so much to the despair of the TV people, he slightly changed his line to “Drink! …and give!”.

Drink – and give!
Newspaper clipping.

While in Norway, Ringo also filmed a different promo for his song “It Don’t Come Easy”:

Filming Cilla’s TV show:

The Snowman Song from the Cilla Black Show:

Eventually, Ringo returned to perform a concert in Norway, but not until 40 years later, in 2011.

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