Ringo’s Tour Opening

From Ringo Starr’s European tour opening concert in Kiev, Ukraine yesterday, June 4th. There was also a press conference in Kiev the day before.


1. It Don’t Come Easy

2. Honey Don’t (Carl Perkins cover)

3. Choose Love

4. Hang On Sloopy (Rick Derringer)(The McCoys cover)

5. Free Ride (Edgar Winter)

6. Talking In Your Sleep (Wally Palmar)(The Romantics cover)

7. I Wanna Be Your Man

8. Dream Weaver (Gary Wright)

9. Kyrie (Richard Page)(Mr. Mister cover)

10. The Other Side Of Liverpool

11. Yellow Submarine

12. Frankenstein (Edgar Winter)

13. Peace Dream

14. Back Off Boogaloo

15. What I Like About You (Wally Palmar)

16. Rock & Roll, Hoochie Koo (Rick Derringer)

17. Boys

18. Love Is Alive (Gary Wright)

19. Broken Wings (Richard Page)(Mr. Mister cover)

20. Photograph

21. Act Naturally

22. With A Little Help From My Friends > Give Peace A Chance

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  1. bluemeanie465 says:

    Again – Ringo offers nothing new. He's obviously shelved "Oh My My" after one tour. We may never get "Matchbox","Good Night", "Only You" or any new material other than the obligatory cut from a new LP.
    I realize he hasn't played Europe in years and years but it's obvious he's lost any interest in trying to offer his concert audiences something new.
    Perhaps he's too busy making another nasty "No Autographs" video to relearn the lyrics to "Goodnight Vienna".

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