Set list for Ringo’s summer tour

Setlist from a “test concert” in Atlantic City

Ringo and his All Starr Band have kicked off their summer tour, which brings them to Europe and Israel. The kick-off took place in Atlantic City yesterday night, and there will be one more show there tonight, before they head across the Atlantic ocean for L’Olympia in Paris.

The band:

Ringo Starr

Gregg Rollie- Santana

Colin Hay- Men at Work

Steve Lukather- Toto

Graham Gouldman – 10CC

Warren Ham

Gregg Bissonette

We have gotten hold of a set list from last night, so these are the songs most likely to appear in the European tour. Don’t look if you want to be surprised!

  1. Matchbox – Ringo Starr. Beatles
  2. It Don’t Come Easy – Ringo Starr
  3. What Goes On – Ringo Starr. Beatles
  4. Dreadlock Holiday – Graham Gouldman. 10CC
  5. Evil ways – Gregg Rollie. Santana
  6. Rosanna – Steve Lukather. Toto
  7. Down Under – Colin Hay. Men at Work
  8. Boys – Ringo Starr. Beatles
  9. Don’t Pass Me By – Ringo Starr. Beatles
  10. Yellow Submarine – Ringo Starr. Beatles
  11. I’m Not in Love – Graham Gouldman. 10CC
  12. Black Magic Woman – Gregg Rollie. Santana
  13. You’re 16 – Ringo Starr
  14. Anthem – Ringo Starr
  15. Overkill – Colin Hay. Men at Work
  16. Africa – Steve Lukather. Toto
  17. Oye Como Va – Gregg Rollie. Santana
  18. I Wanna Be Your Man – Ringo Starr. Beatles
  19. Things We Do For Love – Graham Gouldman. 10CC
  20. Who Can It Be Now – Colin Hay. Men at Work
  21. Hold the Line – Steve Lukather. Toto
  22. Photograph – Ringo Starr
  23. Act Naturally – Ringo Starr. Beatles
  24. With a Little Help From My Friends – Ringo Starr. Beatles
  25. Give Peace a Chance – Ringo Starr. Plastic Ono Band

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5 Responses

  1. Marcelo Ginger says:

    Again and again and again and again

  2. tank says:

    The Beetle (VW Käfer from Germany) advertising in the 60th: He runs and runs and runs…….

  3. Marcelo Ginger says:

    Ringo could change the tracklist…but…

  4. Unknown says:

    How about Octopus’s Garden?!?

  5. Unknown says:

    Yes….Octopus' Garden and Goodnight…and you'd have about all of Ringo's Beatles songs….but there are dozens of other hits he could play, too, from his solo career. Still, I won't complain about what he sings.,,he's a Beatle..and being 50% of what's left…I'll happily pay to see him sing whatever he likes! Peace and Love!

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