Two new Beatles fanzines

Two new issues of Beatles fanzines have now found their way to the fans, the belated summer issue of Beatlesnytt (no. 164) from Sweden and issue no. 38 of the British Beatles Fan Club Magazine

Beatlesnytt 164 features reviews of these CD’s John Lennon Signature Box and related releases (not really reviews, just preliminary information), Come And Get It, The Best Of Apple Records (preliminary information), Live At The Greek Theatre 2008 : Ringo & His All Starr Band (preliminary information), Collaborations : Ravi Shankar – George (preliminary information), Singles Collection : Vera Lynn (Ringo), Golden Slumbers : Steve Dobrogosz, The Music Of : Cheap Trick, Beatles Beginnings 1 & 2 : various artists, The Roots Of Beatles / John / Paul : various artists, Day By Day : various artists. Vinyl: John Lennon Singles Bag. DVD: Nowhere Boy, Books: Beatles Undercover / Beatles Deeper Undercover, John Lennon Solo Beatleg Discography, Across The Universe (Daily Mirror), Paul McCartney – A Life, The Beatles Experience (comic book).

The article series on McCartney rarities, “Rara Mackor” is up to part 6 : 1981-1987 and the series on American Beatles releases picks up from where it left us in issue 151 and brings us “Magical Mystery Tour”. There’s also a review of a book with music scores, “All Together Now – Beatles Complete”. Apart from that, the first half of the magazine is a chronological diary of past Beatle-related events, starting on March 27th 2010 with the release of Ono’s “Give Me Something (the remixes)” and leaving us way into the future with the release of Mark Lewisohn’s “Fab vol. 1 – The Beatles Biography”, which is currently due out on September 1st, 2011. As usual, Robert Gille has managed to chronicle events and releases that has gone under our radar. So I guess I have a life after all. One of the things that had escaped me was the 20 minutes long outdoor rehearsal that Paul McCartney and his band had made available for viewing on May 19th, where they performed Every Night, Molly Malone, We’ve Been Everywhere, I’ve Just Seen A Face, Midnight Special, Calico Skies and We Got Soul. Fortunately for me, the 20+ minutes long clip is still available on McCartney’s YouTube channel.

Beatlesnytt is in Swedish only, so it can only be read by those who can understand that. Website

The British Beatles Fan Club Magazine has a temporary new editor in Donna Jackson. We can’t say much about it, as they haven’t sent us a copy, but it’s usually a good read and like “Beatlesnytt” it usually has a chronological approach to the news. How about putting us on the free list? Website

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