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  1. ciuzo85 says:

    Gracias, Miguel

  2. Martin says:

    Wonder if there'll be any chat and extra stuff with/from Eric Clapton?
    Also, will we get the bits of 'Revolution 9' as isolated pieces?
    Like the test tape saying 'This is EMI tape reel, Number nine'?
    The surprise wouldn't be 'Child Of Nature' (later 'Jealous Guy'), by any chance?
    I'm personally hoping it's a classic Wings track, but done by The Beatles, myself….

  3. Martin says:

    Will the prints be the original four photos taken by John Kelly that came with the 1968 release, or will they be alternate photos of the boys from the same sessions?

  4. Max Wilbury says:

    I vouch for The Long and Winding Road for the surprise. But who knows ?

  5. Unknown says:

    The interview with Giles was published in PORTUGUESE, for god's sake. Folha de São Paulo a brazilian newspaper.

  6. Terence Daniel Collier says:

    yeah The Long & Winding Road – although i think very rough lyrics – but who knows ?

    "The release will have one huge surprise in the form of a song which was rehearsed during the White Album sessions, but released it (in a different version) a few years later."

  7. wardo says:

    I nominate Not Guilty as the "surprise". And I really hope I'm wrong.

  8. polo says:

    Why not " Not Guilty" ?

  9. Max Wilbury says:

    It'll be Let It Be !!!

  10. Brian Fried says:

    Will there be a code for the digital material only on the bluray? If not, it sucks to be a fan and not have the tech needed to listen to it properly.

  11. Unknown says:

    No video. At minimum there should have been the Hey Jude rehearsal/recording video. Talk about a missed opportunity.

    • rockall says:

      Every missed opportunity now it's a revenue opportunity for the future. We can still squeeze the Beatles brand until the last deop, don't forget 🙂

  12. Unknown says:

    The new found track is let it be.

  13. Unknown says:

    With Let it be in the pipeline it is likely we also get a 50th anniversary edition of Abbey Road in between. What a pity the same treatment for Rubber Soul and Revolver was not done. Does anybody know whether anything is preserved from the With the Beatles session, except for the Hold me tight and Don`t bother me outtakes?

  14. sjdrifter says:

    When I saw a 'surprise track' I had my hopes that it would be Etcetera, which was recorded by Paul during the White Album sessions and only heard twice in the studio before he took away the tape. The song still exists as an acetate in Paul's personal archives. That song, along with the 27 minute version of Helter Skelter and 1967's Carnival Of Light, are the holy grail of unheard and unreleased Beatles recordings….that we'll most likely NEVER get to hear. I didn't get the Sgt Pepper box set because of Carnival's omission and it's doubtful I'll be getting the White Album set since Apple Corps refuses to give the fans what they really want. One can only hope those tracks get leaked and bootlegged somehow because they need to be released.

  15. Neil says:

    Let It Be it is. Macca is on record saying that he thought it was an attempt to imitate Bridge Over Troubled Water, but the latter wasn't released until Jan 1970.

  16. Neil says:

    I'd love one of the other versions of What's The New Mary Jane!

  17. Unknown says:

    I was looking forward to this but now looking at the outtakes list it looks like a poor selection and missing opportunities for these sessions, so much recorded and it should have at least been another disc minimum of outtakes.Esher demos,big deal,well known and heard for decades regardless of quality. Revolution RM 20,legendary Helter Skelter? This should have been much much better.40 plus years of collecting vinyl boots and official Beatle and Solo releases Im hoping that Abbey Road will be a better product, but it will be a Remix,a 5.1 and look up Abbey Road bootlegs on Bootlegzone and thats what we will get. Disapointing .

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