The final UK Tour December 1965

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  1. Sergio Taraddei says:

    It's possible that no recording tape has surfaced from this tour?
    Maybe some private collector have it.

  2. Beatlesblogger says:

    Great post Roger. A lot of work has gone into it and it was really interesting. Thanks.

  3. pt1982 says:

    is there´s any video or audio from this shows on Youtube or anyplace over the internet?

  4. wogew says:

    There seems to have appeared an 8mm amateur film from one of the Hammersmith concerts recently. Look at a screen capture posted over at "The Beatles on DVD".

  5. georgefromhenley says:

    Hi – I have written my story of the tour for "A Ticket to Write" – a German fanzine.
    I`d like to add that John played "We can work it out" and "I`m down" on organ.
    I have also researched the audience capacity of the dates:

    DAte Venue City 1. Show 2. Show Capacity
    3. Dezember 1965 Odeon Cinema Glasgow (Schottland) 18:15 20:45 2.784
    4. Dezember 1965 City Hall Newcastle-upon-Tyne 18:30 20:45 3.500
    5. Dezember 1965 Empire Theatre Liverpool 17:40 20:00 2.550
    7. Dezember 1965 ABC Cinema Manchester 18:30 20:45 2.693
    8. Dezember 1965 Gaumont Cinema Sheffield 18:15 20:50 2.300
    9. Dezember 1965 Odeon Cinema Birmingham 18:45 21:15 2.439
    10. Dezember 1965 Odeon Cinema London, Hammersmith 18:45 21:00 3.487
    11. Dezember 1965 Astoria Cinema London, Finsbury Park 18:40 21:10 3.040
    12. Dezember 1965 Capitol Cinema Cardiff (Wales) 17:30 20:00 2.800

    Thorsten Knublauch

  6. Unknown says:

    Great post, can you tell me what the hotel was called, that featured at Sheffield, please?

  7. Unknown says:

    I was at the finsbury park Astoria Christmas Show on 11th December 1965 which was to become their last london show if you dont count the rooftop one in Saville Row.

    My Abiding memory of the concert is that the second half of the show which was to feature The Beatles was about to start the lights dimmed and the compere came out onto the apron of the stage in front of the closed velvet curtains and began to build up the already electric atmosphere by standing in the various positions holding an air guitar to enormous screams from the fans of each Beatle eventually he announced ladies and gentleman The Beatles and the beginings of Day Tripper the Number 1 record of the day was heard from behind the still closed curtains the screams were deafening but as the curtains opened it revealed the Moody Blues they laughed and handed the guitars to the laughing Beatles who entered the stage from the wings and then we were off great gag and a great show

  8. Antonio G. Pereira says:

    Very informative piece. Well done!

  9. Rich says:

    Great piece on a lesser known tour. My issue is the setlist opener. On John's Rickenbacker 325 he still has the setlist from this tour taped to it. The first song is missing some of the title, but there are three obvious letters: ZZY. As in Dizzy Miss Lizzy which would have been a great opener. For some reason people have it as I Feel Fine. Is there any review of any of these shows that indicates what the opener was? Based on his guitar (and the fact that Beatles shows were usually 12 songs – without Dizzy they are at 11) I am inclined to think Dizzy Miss Lizzy was the opener. Any proof besides the guitar?

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