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January 22, 1969 in Apple Studios. Photo: Ethan A. Russell © Apple Corps Ltd.

The book «The Beatles: Get Back» has been delayed again. Originally advertised to be published last autumn, September 1 in USA and 15 October in U.K., it was long thought to be forthcoming even after the new “Get Back” film was delayed until this coming August but eventually the publishing date was pushed to 31 August 2021.
The news is that the publishing date has again been delayed, this time to 12 October 2021. Speculations are that this may have been caused by general delays of the “Get Back” documentary itself. In one of Paul McCartney’s live chats on Instagram to promote his “McCartney III Imagined” album, he revealed that he and Ringo both were going to attend the screening of a version of the film that evening, in Los Angeles. Paul is currently spending time there, and Ringo lives in the city.

In a later live chat, Paul talks a bit more about the “Get Back” project, this time about something he has received from the director, Peter Jackson. A piece of equipment makes it possible to, through the use of artificial intelligence (AI) learn what a voice sounds like and what an instrument, eg a guitar sounds like. Using this equipment on the mono Nagra reel tapes, Jackson has been able to separate dialogue or talking from a guitar which is being strummed or picked at the same time. This means that the conversation is possible to discern and also allows for amplification and stereo placement when needed.

So it seems to us that work is far from complete on the “Get Back” documentary. After all, there were Covid-19 related delays in New Zealand, where the restoration process has been undertaken by Jackson’s team of experts.

Meanwhile, check out They may be for transcripts of the Nagra tapes!

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  1. Max Wilbury says:

    Hi Roger, I’ve also read (on Steve Hoffman’s forum) that the Italian version of the book has been, on the contrary, brought forward to July the 1st. In Germany, the English version, it still shows available on August 31. But I’m expected a change to October as well indeed.

    To my knowledge, there has been so far only an English and an Italian version on sale. Is that correct ?

  2. diboland says:

    The German Edition should comes September 1st 2021 44 Euros

    • Max Wilbury says:

      Good to know it’ll exist in German too. Now I wonder about a French one (since I’m French). 🙂

      I’m lucky to have the English edition at 30 euros. I placed the order on Amazon Germany on January the 6th, 2020.

  3. Albert says:

    This is like the wait for The Stone Roses’ ‘Second Coming’. And that took a bloody age.

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