Wings – Back To The Egg – Full 1979 TV Special, Remastered in HD

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  1. rick says:

    I really don’t remember “Back To The Egg” Oh well doesn’t sound like I missed much.

    • Dan Wally says:

      My 3rd favorite Wings album behind Band on the Run and Venus and Mars… Give it a Listen. Juber & Holley were only second to Jimmy McCullough and Joe English as bandmates to gel with McCartney.

  2. RDS says:

    Not his greatest effort by far, but nice memories nonetheless. Anyone doubt that Keef & Co. is just another stoner alias (a la Superweed) for Macca himself?

  3. Tony Littman says:

    This is really great. However, I wish they hadn’t put on that ridiculous crowd noise at random intervals; it’s clearly not live and the audience sounds nothing like an audience at a rock show anyway.

  4. Darren Holmquist says:

    My first listen to Back To The Egg, was on the radio. Some station played it, in its entirety. And I really liked it. I wasn’t a big fan of the London Town album. So, it was nice to have something I really enjoyed from Wings again.

    This video show, I only ever saw on a VERY poorly copied VHS copy at a record show. Could barely hear the music through the noise. So, this IS a nice thing to see for me.

  5. T Mailer says:

    I remember that Back to the Egg seemed like it was an attempt to counter the criticism of London Town’s softer easy listening style. (How dare an ex-Beatle go soft!) A recent BOE listening did give it a dated feel but the album was one of those that can grow on you.
    It was very fashionable to bash McCartney in the rock press back then, but there were some very listenable cuts on the album like, Getting Closer, Winter Rose, Rockestra, and Arrow Through Me to name some. If London Town and Back to the Egg are released to together the two albums will show a musical contrast and melodic diversity that Macca was a master at producing.

  6. Klark kent says:

    This is fantastic. Great quality that we would have killed for back in the day. Wow

  7. Jeroen says:

    Great album, love it

  8. Janice says:

    Thanks all involved

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