A is for Apple Vol 2

Volume 1 of “A is for Apple” to be reprinted, and vol 2 comes.

Volume 2 of the book series “A is for Apple” is due out in April, and for latecomers, a small run of Vol 1 will also be printed. Volume 2 was supposed to cover all of 1969-1970, however the contributors have sent in so much material, that they have had to limit the book to the first three months of 1969 – and expand the series with further volumes. This volume will cover the filming and recording of the “Let It Be” documentary in January, a world discography of the “Yellow Submarine”, “Is This What You Want?” (Jackie Lomax), “Post Card” (Mary Hopkin) and several more albums and singles. You will also read new interviews with Apple people especially for this project. “A is for Apple Vol. 2” will be printed in a limited edition of just 1,000 copies. Along with the book, a vinyl disc will be included, contents are not yet revealed. The same applies to the reprinted Vol 1, where a new vinyl record will accompany it, but not the same disc as the first time around!

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    I have today received a refund for the order I placed last week. Does anyone know what the problem is? There's nothing on the website that I can find.

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