Abbey Road goes on the road with Mark Lewisohn

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  1. Audm says:

    Sounds great, went to Ticketmaster to book but it's just looping. Look forward to this. Shame there are no Scottish dates

  2. bob katz says:

    No thank you.

  3. hopeforbetter says:

    Lewisohn should better finish his books. We are not getting any younger.

  4. Popper says:

    We all long for him to finish the next book, but 18 talks across three months will only take a fraction of his time. Essentially it will be the same talk every time, so he only has to prepare once. He could do it in his spare time, if he had any!

    Also, the guy has to make a living. I don't know what his royalty flow is like, but he does this professionally, so no wages other than what he earns from Beatles work. Best of luck to him, I say.

  5. bob katz says:

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  6. Teddy Salad says:

    And wouldn't this topic be part of his research anyway? Not for the next book, but couldn't one say that this is actually helpful in that it can be part of the groundwork for the third?

  7. Unknown says:

    Like a few others who left comments, I long for Mark's volume 2.
    No we are not getting younger. I fear the next generation will not be as much demanding to know the Beatles full story.
    If all goes well, most of us will read this Vol 2. we are all expecting.
    Then what, we'll expect Vol. 3 ! When ?
    I'm 70, will I still be able / interested / alive / remembering what Beatles mean when I'm 80 something ?
    Still, I'm looking forward to Mark's show, and I'll be celebrating Abbey Road 's 50th anniversary in September with friends.
    Mark is the absolute historian and fan, a great and serious researcher.
    I live in France and I have booked my ticket and accommodation for him in Canter

  8. wogew says:

    From Mark Lewisohn …

    I’m about to tour for the first time. No, I’ve not yet taken up singing, but I am becoming the first speaker to tour an album. My show, an entertaining illustrated history called HORNSEY ROAD, will mark the 50th anniversary of Abbey Road, telling the fascinating stories behind the songs and why the album became Beatles’ best-selling but final work. The tour is presently scheduled for 22 theatre shows in England between September 18 and November 8 and then closing on December 4. More dates are still being added, and I very much hope it will extend into Scotland, Wales, Ireland and then into other countries.

    The first announcement was made last week, with thrilling effect: the date at the Bloomsbury Theatre in London is almost sold out, so a second performance – a same-day matinee – has been added.

    Details here:
    with some additional info here:

    And for those wanting a crash reminder of Abbey Road, here’s the Wikipedia page. (I’m not endorsing everything it says, but it’s a fair start.)

    People are asking me …
    Q: Why is the show called Hornsey Road?
    A: I’m saving the answer for the stage. All I’ll say for the moment is … it’s what Abbey Road could have been.
    Q: Shouldn’t you be behind your desk, writing Volume 2 of the All These Years trilogy?
    A: Yes I should – but if I don’t do the tour I’ll starve and there’ll be no Volume 2.

    So if you enjoy the Beatles, or any music, and if you like stories about music or musicians, please come along – support the books by supporting me. And, as people used to say, tell all your friends.

    Best wishes,
    Mark Lewisohn

  9. Titenhurst says:

    How much time will be allotted for Q and A sessions ?

  10. Blue Meanie says:

    It would be nice if the tour also stopped in Germany!

  11. Emmanuel says:

    Maybe in France ? 🙂

  12. Patrick says:

    Come to Exeter please.

  13. Unknown says:

    Mark's Vol 2 Please Please Me….!

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