“Brother” finally on CD

The previous re-release of the Apple albums

If you’re a collector of the releases on The Beatles’ own record company, Apple, you will know that whenever Apple has released their catalogue on CD, some of their records are always falling by the wayside. They release and re-release the same records onto CD over and over again, but a handful of their old album releases are always neglected. One of the releases we have been missing, is the 1972 “Brother” album by Lon and Derrek Van Eaton. Out of print since then, it’s now finally being released on CD for the first time ever by RPM Records on June 25th. The CD will be released in the UK and will be available as an import elsewhere.

The albums Apple would rather forget also includes the Lennon-produced Elephant’s Memory.

Signed to Apple after John Lennon and George Harrison heard the tape that the duo (formerly of the late 60s American group Jacob’s Creek) had sent to the Apple office, Lon and Derrek were brought over to London to be the first act to record an album in the newly built Apple Studios.

Produced by Klaus Voormann, Brother is an eclectic set of songs that encompass a wide range of styles that range from rock and R&B to folk and even an early nod towards rustic Americana. The centerpiece of the album is the single, Sweet Music, which was produced by George Harrison at Abbey Road and which features Harrison, Ringo Starr, Mike Hugg of the Manfred Man and several others backing Lon and Derrek.

The album has been freshly remastered at Abbey Road and will feature extensive liner notes from Stefan Granados as well as several bonus tracks (including their legendary collaboration with Sir John Tavener).


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  1. Fer Zavala says:

    the second pic, showing the lost apple cds is made by me.

  2. harmolodic says:

    I think there may be rights issues with some of the remaining Apple albums, in that Apple may not actually own them anymore. I know the Phil Spector Christmas Album is distributed by Sony now, and the El Topo Soundtrack, as far as I know, is only available as a bonus CD with Abkco's "The Films of Alejandro Jodorowski" DVD box set. Not sure about the others.

    Great blog, by the way!

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