Early McCartney with Quarrymen?

The Quarrymen in Toxteth, Liverpool 8, June 22nd, 1957. Photo: Charles Roberts

The BeatlesWiki has just launched a radical theory that the guy we circled around in the above photo is, in fact, the young Paul McCartney! As the depicted photo was taken on June 22nd, 1957, this means history must be rewritten.

According to legend, Paul McCartney first encountered the Quarrymen at the famous Woolton village fete on July 6th (the date pinpointed after meticous research by Mark Lewisohn for Philip Norman’s book, “Shout!”) that same summer.
On June 22nd in Toxteth, Liverpool 8, The Quarrymen played one of their first gigs from the back of a coal lorry. It was an official party to celebrate the 550th anniversary of Liverpool receiving its charter from King John. Threatened by violence, after the performance, the band was forced to retreat to Mrs. Roberts’ (Charles the photographer’ mother) home for sanctuary.

But is it Paul? You be the judge.

We think er…it’s not.

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  1. Anonymous says:


  2. Unknown says:

    No way, not in a million years. That guy is definitely older than 15 years old, McCartney's age at the time, not to mention the fact that the guy looks nothing like photos of Paul taken that summer, or in the Autumn. Paul didn't dress as "hip" as the guy in that picture back then.

  3. Caveman says:

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  4. Caveman says:

    This doesn't look at all like Paul to me. I don't remember seeing early photos of Paul wearing glasses either. I think the story of Paul seeing John for the first time is a solid one.

  5. King says:

    We'll never know, Paul always slides away with "some people know my history better than I do…." Which is true 😀

  6. Tim W. says:

    For skeptics, I suggest you read the BeatlesWiki article linked to in this post. Paul did indeed wear exactly that same coat that same summer, as you'll see in the photos. And check out the angle comparison shot. All the facial features line up perfectly. Whether that's Paul in glasses — and check out the pics of Paul wearing glasses — or shades, he appears to be astride a bicycle. The elderly gent in the video mentions that Paul would come to the events on his bike. But compare the photos and do note the same sports jacket in many of them including the one of the Putative Paul on the bike.

  7. trawicki says:


  8. Unknown says:

    Yes it's Paul. Sir Paul wore glasses and especially the kind Buddy Holly wore. Whether he met John on that day in June is the real question. History says he met John in July.

  9. NP says:

    No, it's not Paul, he never wore glasses- and as Buddy Holly's first record was only released a few weeks before this photo, no-one would have known what he looked like yet. Paul was only just 15 on that day- the guy in the photo is clearly nearer 17 or more.

  10. DocRobert says:

    Actually it looks more like Stuart Sutcliffe but he still looks too old to be Stuart.

  11. Nashville Soup says:

    I think it is Paul. He doesn't look any older than John does. Would be difficult to tell a 24 months age difference from that angle anyway. And he certainly would have known (as all of the local, musically minded kids would have) about the goings on of his peers. The glasses are a red herring. They could be sunglasses. But the facial profile is a near perfect McCartney. I'm sure the actual meeting took place as is documented at the Woolton Fete but perhaps that was Paul following up on a first impression. It's fun to speculate though.

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