Extended “Tune In” sold out

This just in from a tweet (actually three tweets) from Mark Lewisohn:

“The extended edition of Tune In has sold out and is now unavailable. Another print may or may not be scheduled at some future time. The e-book (issued in two halves) IS still available, but it’s UK only. My US publisher, Crown, wouldn’t issue the extended book and couldn’t agree terms for the e-book. I’m sorry about that, for me and for everyone in US who wants to buy it, but I can do nothing about it.”

And if you’re wondering if the book is worth reading, here’s a review.

Below are links to the e-book on Amazon (UK).

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  1. Unknown says:

    I recieved the standard (shorter) version as a holiday gift, I haven't even started it yet. It's such a large book, realistically, I don't know if my ageing eyes, could read the longer expanded version. Maybe volume one should have been split into two parts. Instead of a 3 volume set, perhaps there is so much material, it should have been five or six volumes. I certainly hope Mr Lewishon, will include another volume covering the post Beatles and Beatles reunion years. That's a time period, that has been woefully undercovered by historians (reunion period) Power to anybody, with the time or good eyesight to read the expanded version of volume one, I'm pleased with the standard version. Perhaps a books on tape version of the expanded would be easier, does that exist in the USA?

    Keep up the good work Roger, there is too much Beatles press on what their favorite color is, or what really happened with Jane Asher, but not enough press on the music and the history, so KUDOS to you Sir!

  2. Beach Boys Opinion Page says:

    This is ridiculous that they are making this extended edition so difficult to track down. I knew the only to secure a copy was to get one right away, but I just couldn't swing it quite yet. I was hoping to track it down in the next six months or so. It makes no sense that a subject as popular as the Beatles can't warrant any US pressing of any kind, and only such a limited UK pressing. I really hope they put this back in print, at least in the UK. I've seen far more arcane subjects with a more limited appeal and interest yield a more easily-obtained product than this, the apparent "ultimate" biography on the group. (I don't say that with sarcasm; I'm reading the "regular" edition and it is easily now the go-to bio on the band.)

  3. db says:

    The extended version is whopper alright but such a great book. I hope the others are even longer!

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