Facebook popularity

The official facebook pages of The Beatles and their members

One, rather new method of measuring that fickle thing, “fame”, is to look at how many “likes” the official Facebook page of the group or artist has amassed. As you can see from the illustration above, captured earlier today, The Beatles are well on their way to the 40 million mark.

As for the individual members’ pages, the late John Lennon is “in the lead” with 15 million plus likes, Paul McCartney only has a third of that number. George Harrison knocks up around half the amount of likes of McCartney, with Ringo Starr finishing last with only around 1,7 million likes.

For comparisons sake, we also show the still active Pete Best. This year as always, he is hosting his own “Best Fest” at the Casbah Club during Beatle Week in Liverpool. Read more at petebest.com.

Adding up each band member’s followers is another way to see that The Beatles are greater than the sum of their parts, we gather.

Often mentioned as rivals to the Beatles, the still working band the Rolling Stones has close to 18 million followers on Facebook, not half as many as The Beatles.

Of the more contemporary artists, Miley Cyrus has 44 million followers, that’s four million more than the fabs, whereas McCartney’s friend Dave Grohl and his Foo Fighters has around 10,6 million followers.

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