Forgotten footage

A forgotten film of teenagers putting questions to The Beatles in 1964 was included in a show which was part of this weekend’s Late Shows event in the North East of England. The footage from a Tyne Tees TV programme was shown at at Tyne & Wear Archives, which is based in Blandford House in Blandford Square, Newcastle. The clip was discovered when archives staff were carrying out research for the North East Beat music exhibition, which opens today at Discovery Museum at the same location.

These were the questions North East fans asked The Beatles 45 years ago:
Fan to John: Why did you have to get married?
John: Because of the same reason anybody gets married. I don’t want to be slushy like, but you do when you wanna get married, when you gotta go you gotta go, as I always say. [Joking] Anyway, what’s it go to do with you? [Laughs]
Fan to Paul: Is it true you’re going to get engaged to Jane Asher?
Paul: No, it’s not true. Erm … the papers started off by saying that I was already engaged, now the papers tell me I’m married, and they told me I’m divorced now [smiles]. Maybe I am married, maybe I am married! I dunno. The papers tell me I am, I don’t think I am. I’m not getting engaged, no.
Fan to George: What do you and Ringo do when John and Paul are writing songs?
George: Play marbles.
Fan to John: Why don’t you wear your glasses on stage?
John: Because I’d lose my nerve if I could see everyone in the audience.
Fan to Paul: Which do you prefer Mods or Rockers?
Paul: I don’t know I like any of them. Mockers, I like.
Fan to Ringo: Are you ever thinking of growing a beard again like you used to have before you joined the group?
Ringo: I like beards, that’s why I used to grow them. I may do. It won’t be until I’ve left the group though, you know, until we’ve broke up, when I’m about 48! [laughs]
Fan to George: What do you think of yourselves as a group?
George: We don’t think of ourselves as a group. We’re a band. Er.. it’s hard to answer. Well, we like ourselves as a group but you’ve got to, haven’t you? [laughs]
Fan to Ringo: I’d like to know what you would have done if you hadn’t had your break in music?
Ringo: I’d have still been an engineer or something, you know, I’d have been working.
Fan to Ringo: How much do you spend generally on clothes and what do you do after you’ve finished with them?
Ringo: We just buy a suit when we want and couple of shirts. Erm .. we just sort of get fed up with them. We have a style, like, you know, the round neck collars we had and we went out and went potty, we bought hundreds. Well, not hundreds but loads of suits like, and we never wear them now. We just leave them laying round, we don’t do anything with them.
Fan to Paul: Why is it, Paul, that you’re always described as the most intelligent one of The Beatles? Are you?
Paul: Er … I’m not, no, well John’s written a book so he must be more intelligent than me [smiles]. You’ve gotta be intelligent to write books [laughs].

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