Fourfiveseconds out on CD-single

The CD-single

Singles are difficult to find in a physical format these days, normally they are just available as downloads. However, the recent FourFiveSeconds single with Rihanna, Paul McCartney and Kanye West available has been made available as a CD-single from German Amazon. So if you’re avoiding those downloads still, you can now add the song to your collection.

The release may be because Germany is either very hesitant to, or awaiting the collapse of the digital revolution. I just came back from a Beatles themed cruise from Oslo to the German city of Kiel, and was surprised when I had to withdraw cash in order to shop, because accepting credit or debit cards was not commonplace, even in high street shops in Germany. And when we stopped to have breakfast at a diner, they didn’t accept Visa, only Mastercard. So the future may take Visa, but the present is still not there.

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