Lennon vinyl boxed set – more details

Officially announced – The John Lennon vinyl 8LP boxed set “Lennon”

The official announcement regarding the upcoming 8LP vinyl boxed set of John Lennon’s dtudio albums came today. Out on 8th June (9th June in USA), Lennon is the first collection of John Lennon’s solo albums to be released on vinyl, and the eight LP’s will also be available to buy individually from 21st August.

The Music:

  • All eight John Lennon studio albums were remastered in 2010 from the original analogue tapes by Yoko Ono and a team of engineers from Abbey Road Studios in London and Avatar Studios in New York
  • These remasters are now being released on vinyl for the very first time
  • LENNON is the first collection of John Lennon’s solo albums to be released on vinyl, and the eight LPs will be released individually in August 2015.
  • Each new Vinyl Master has been cut from the 24-96 HD Digital Masters by Sean Magee at the world renowned Abbey Road Studios
  • LPs are cut on heavyweight 180g audiophile vinyl and manufactured for the world by Optimal Media in Germany

The Artwork:

  • Each of the LPs within LENNON is an authentic reproduction of its original UK pressing, faithfully replicated to the smallest detail
  • In keeping with the original album artwork:
  • Imagine contains reproductions of its two postcards, poster and inner sleeve
  • Some Time In New York City includes reproductions of its original postcard and inner sleeves
  • Walls and Bridges includes its sleeve with two fold-over flaps, an eight-page booklet and inner sleeve
  • Mind Games, Double Fantasy and Milk and Honey also include faithful reproductions of their original inner sleeves (the latter even seems to sport a Polydor label like the original)
  • All brought together in an exquisite rigid slipcase box

There’s also this trailer:

More info at JohnLennonMusic.com

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  1. wardo says:

    That's great. My original LPs are in good shape, as are the inserts. When is the Estate going to reissue Live Peace In Toronto, Menlove Ave., the bonus tracks from the 2010 reissues, etc.?

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