McCartney single as promo CDs

French promo CD for Paul McCartney’s song “Come On To Me”

Eager CD collectors have informed us of the availability of promotional or radio promo CDs of Paul McCartney’s two new songs. Apparently French releases, these were bought by one collector through ebay. The two CD’s contain one song each, but in two versions: regular and (shorter) radio edits. So, listen out for those radio edits!

French promotional CD for Paul McCartney’s song, “I Don’t Know”.

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  1. Unknown says:

    I think there is alot of talk that these are bootlegged. There is no MPL logo was one argument. Also I think they guy selling them on eBay if you went thru his other items he had several other "promo" CD of other artists that all looked identical as if he were making them himself. I would live to get confirmation if they are legit items.

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