Montez/Roe Tour March 1963

Rialto Poster

I’m currently writing about the Chris Montez/Tommy Roe tour that The Beatles had in March 1963, so I’m just going to post some stuff from that. These are the tour dates.

Tour map

9th Mar 1963 Granada, East Ham
10th Mar 1963 Hippodrome, Birmingham
12th Mar 1963 Granada, Bedford
13th Mar 1963 Rialto, York
14th Mar 1963 Gaumont, Wolverhampton
15th Mar 1963 Colston Hall, Bristol
16th Mar 1963 City Hall, Sheffield
17th Mar 1963 Embassy, Peterborough
18th Mar 1963 Regal, Gloucester
19th Mar 1963 Regal, Cambridge
20th Mar 1963 ABC, Romford
21st Mar 1963 ABC, Croydon
22nd Mar 1963 Gaumont, Doncaster #
23rd Mar 1963 City Hall, Newcastle-upon-Tyne
24th Mar 1963 Empire, Liverpool *
26th Mar 1963 Granada, Mansfield
27th Mar 1963 ABC, Northampton
28th Mar 1963 ABC, Exeter
29th Mar 1963 Odeon, Lewisham
30th Mar 1963 Guildhall, Portsmouth
31st Mar 1963 De Montfort Hall, Leicester

# The Beatles released their debut album, Please Please Me, the same day as this show.
* The headliner, Chris Montez, kindly let them close this show – seeing as it was in their home town. But his kind gesture soon backfired, because the management decided that they should close all the other ones as well! Paul said: “It was embarrassing as hell for him. I mean, what could you say to him? Sorry, Chris? He took it well.”

The Beatles with Chris Montez and Tommy Roe

The songs The Beatles played:

  • Love Me Do
  • Misery
  • A Taste Of Honey
  • Do You Want To Know A Secret
  • Please Please Me
  • I Saw Her Standing There

Another publicity photo of the show’s stars

Ticket stub from the Lewisham gig

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    Can I ask a question. Did the Dennisons play on this tour at all. Eg at the Empire in Liverpool in May 1963

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