New boxed set with the singles

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It looks like The Beatles are about to release a new boxed set with the 22 original titles, as released in Great Britain, plus single no. 23, which combine the nineties songs, «Free as a bird» and «Real love» on one disc.The boxed set, thought to be a limited edition, was accidentally listed on Amazon Italy and briefly on the Brazilian official Beatles online store, according to fans. Release date for these vinyl singles is November 15.  People «in the know» who have seen the set, are describing it as a nice package.

According to our sources, the single sleeves will neither mimic their 60’s U.K. originals (mainly just factory sleeves), the 70’s green series nor the individual picture sleeves of the eighties.

Update: The set also appears on Amazon in France for 221,39 € (248 USD). An insider is saying that this will not simply be a re-release, so perhaps we can expect the set to feature the latest mixes of the songs. Also, in line with recent official calendars and licensed products by the Beatles, it is starting to look like they are going to use foreign picture sleeves from the sixties as front covers of the new series. Like we had in our illustration photo all along!

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  1. wilbury says:

    A very nice set,but a lot of money
    € 402,00

  2. wogew says:

    221,39 € from Amazon France 😉

  3. wilbury says:

    That's a big difference!

  4. mpb says:

    was wondering where new giles mixes of revolution and old brown shoe would turn up… i hope there will be a digital option for those too! 🙂

  5. Real Quaid says:

    They probably gonna copy paste those awfully loud 1+ mixes in them.

  6. wilbury says:

    The new update is very good news!I would love to see these very beautiful sleeves on this new single box.I don't care if it's stereo or mono or whatever.Love these sleeves.!

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