New cover for UK A Hard Day’s Night

New cover. Second Sight Films

Now that’s more like it! It’s no secret that the Beatles fan community has been disappointed with the various proposed covers for the new edition “A Hard Day’s Night” film, and British distributor Second Sight Films has finally landed on a design we are happy with.

It’s not terribly original of course, as the same photo is used on The Beatles Rockband game, which was released in 2009 and still is in the shops.

The Beatles Rockband

Initially, the art for the DVD and Blu-ray in the UK looked like this:

Original cover idea, designed by design studio La Boca.

There was an outcry from the public about this, and people posted messages on the Amazon UK site that thay would rather order the film from abroad. After a while, Second Sight Films decided to drop the colours from the cover, and their second version looked like this:

Second Sight’s second thought

Now it looks like they’ve abandoned the La Boca design altogether and the new cover is a Sight for sore eyes. The best of the lot, we think – and that includes all the foreign editions, as well.

3 Responses

  1. Unknown says:

    Finally!!!!! I agree, best cover by far.

  2. Mark M says:

    At last! That's made my day 🙂
    I like to think that in a small way, myself and the other fans on weblog made a difference. Power to the people!

  3. Geert says:

    Well, I thought the original cover was fresh and eye-catching. The new cover is … typical (and like you say the image has been used before)

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